Corporate Events

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We have vast experience in catering for corporate and public events, from large outdoor festivals working with public sector clients, to corporate functions that are designed to impress, and working lunches for business meetings that need to provide tasty food to help decision-making flow. Our client list reads like a Who’s Who in our region and includes names familiar to many. We have been honoured to work with local businesses of all shapes and sizes, including ROL; Amobox; FUZE; Jardine’s Bentley; ISITE; Jardine’s Ferrari; Tollgate Partnership; Newsquest; Ellisons Solicitors; Handelsbanken; and NatWest. 

Our Experience

We have also provided event catering for a number of different organisations and events in and around Essex and Suffolk. Of note, we provided the catering when Colchester Town Hall hosted BBC Question Time. We work on a regular basis with the Colchester Mayor; local radio; the Tendring 100 Show; and St Helena’s Hospice, just to name a few. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with all our business customers, time and again. 

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A Unique Experience

We understand every occasion is different. Each host or hostess has their own priorities and focus. There’s always a personal angle, even for corporate events, that are about preferences, fresh ideas, new ways of doing things. And that’s what makes every occasion unique; every occasion is yours. 
Whether it’s a serious corporate event, a joyful celebration, or to provide sustenance for a funeral gathering, we understand that your needs come first, and your requirements are central to ensuring the style of food and flavours we deliver are precisely what you hope for.